I am an American secular humanist and libertarian currently residing in Europe. The murderous rampage in Paris that shocked the world on Jan.7 prompted me to start this blog in protest against what I believe is a growing wave of institutional authoritarianism and doctrinal dogmatism, of many streaks, but especially in the form of militant and political theocracy.

I hope to secure this blog as a generator of rational and critical discussion on a wide range of topics, but with particular emphasis on religion, science, philosophy, politics, and sometimes economics.  I advocate the summation of reason, skepticism, individualism, and secularism as the guiding compass of a free, civil, and enlightened world.  It is precisely this type of society that we as a species are morally obligated to procure- if not for ourselves, then for the future we leave behind.

For any queries or feedback, please contact me at: certainlydoubtful1@protonmail.ch

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