BBC Invites “Punishing Blasphemy” for Discussion

What is most shocking about this short clip is not how the caller was delighting in his most maddened theocratic fantasies.  What is baffling is how a liberal, western media outpost, such as the BBC, is publicly legitimizing the premise of Islamic thought crime. Notice how the posed question is not “do you support punishing blasphemy” (given a predefined understanding of “blasphemy), but rather which kind of punishment should be implemented (implying that punishing blasphemy is justified to begin with).  As the western media is busy providing spaces for such theocratic abstractions, there are people in the world who are actually paying the price for this moral stupidity with their own lives.

Should the project of western liberalism ever collapse (a considerable possibility), it will be under the weight of its own blindness and naivety.  It will be because of our exposure and vulnerability to authoritarian subversion from within, e.g. the theocratic restructuring of our public discourse.  Our democracy will not crumble because of planes crashing into buildings alone.  In fact, it may very well begin with the gradual corrosion of our free and liberal institutions, as evidenced by the pathetically treasonous concessions being made by programs such as the one shown below.

For furthering reading, I have discussed this cultural phenomenon before.


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