Moscow beheading: Nanny claims she was ‘inspired by Isis’ to murder four-year-old girl

This woman is clearly sick in the head.  To “hear voices” in one’s head seems to be a common symptom among the divinely inspired.  Muhammad also heard voices in his head and killed innocent people.  The prophet, just like this disturbed woman, even committed arson against a mosque he “suspected” of harboring “traitors” (see the “Opposition Mosque” in Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat).  However, we don’t call him deranged.  Instead, we reward his insanity by coronating him with the title of prophet.

The nanny who decapitated a four-year-old girl and held her head up in the street reportedly said she was inspired by watching Isis videos online.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova, originally from Uzbekistan, was caught on camera carrying the child’s head outside a Moscow subway station on 2 March.

Speaking from the secure psychiatric hospital where she is being held until the investigation is complete, the 38-year-old reportedly said she feels more sorry for herself than her victim.

Bobokulova, who worked as a nanny for the girl’s parents, set the family flat on fire after the killing and was then detained by police near the metro station after pulling the head out of a bag.

Initially she said “Allah ordered” her to kill Anastasia (Nastya) Meshcheryakova and that it was retribution for President Vladimir Putin’s air strikes on Isis territory.




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