UK University Hosts Terror-Sympathizing Conference

Is educationally-sponsored apologism for terrorism also to be blamed upon a lack of education and opportunity?

The publicly-funded University of Bath has hosted what it calls a conference on “Understanding Conflict” – featuring a number of controversial speakers including Norman Finkelstein, who has publicly stated that “every victory by Hezbollah over Israel is also a victory for liberty and a victory for freedom,” and Moazzam Begg, the leader of the infamous “CAGE” group, which called ISIS murderer Jihadi John a “beautiful man”.

The three-day conference, which began on Monday was opened by David Miller, whose “NeoConEurope” website has previously hosted anti-Semitic articles. Miller is also the sometime editor of the “SpinWatch” website, which draws together a broad conspiracy theory about ‘NeoCons’ and ‘Zionists’ – coincidentally, two core themes of the Bath University conference this week.

Speakers at the conference which was hosted in the Chancellors’ Buildings in Bath travelled from all across the world. It is unclear whether public money has been spent on flights and accommodation for the speakers, though it is common practice for the hosting organisation to cover such costs.


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