Half the world’s countries are supplying ISIS with fighters

ISIS is a global corporation of sadism which profits from the suffering and misery of its victims.  It combines missionary zeal with the militaristic testosterone and excitement of 1920-30’s hooligans scouting the fascist circles of brown shirts or Freikorps styled outfits.  This cult of piety treats females as sexual commodities in an otherwise unregulated freemarket of slavery; it plunders natural resources, occupies sovereign territories, and extinguishes any artifact of cultural heritage perceived to be infectious to its renaissance of nihilism.  Where is the political left to demand welfare and remuneration for the victims of this “too big to fail” corporate state?

The group also took control of the historic Syrian city of Palmyra and strategic gas fields nearby after a week-long siege that routed forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. The victory has triggered a humanitarian crisis, due to the flight of thousands of residents.


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