800,000 Children Displaced by Boko Haram Extremists

“The disturbing images come from some of an estimated 800,000 children forced from the homes by Boko Haram extremists, according to a UNICEF report published Monday. It says the number of refugee children has doubled in the past year, making them about half of all the 1.5 million Nigerians made homeless in the Islamic uprising.”

Most Brits are Non-Religious

A country in which theocratic privileges don’t poll well with the masses, happens to be the same country where most social attitudes are divorced from philosophical dogmas.  What a coincidence! The April poll, commissioned by the Sunday Times, asked the question ‘Would you describe yourself as being a practicing [sic] member of a religion?’ and found that 62% of…

Half of European ISIS Fighters are French

“Just over 1,430 French people have made their way to Iraq and Syria, representing 47 percent of jihadists from Europe that are known and accounted for, Senator Jean-Pierre Sueur, who spearheaded a parliamentary probe into jihadist networks, told reporters.”