With a Media Like This, The West Can’t Win

Nice article about the moral hypocrisy of mainstream media coverage on Islam in the west.

When the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby was reported in May 2013, the headlines, for many hours, avoided any indication that the murder was connected to Islam or Muslims. On the other hand, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the headlines highlighted how a Muslim helped a couple to hide in a kosher shop. The media, that always demands not to paint all the Muslims with the same brush, suddenly has no hesitation to paint them all with the same brush as that individual because he happened to be nice. It certainly looks as if the media continuously search for opportunities to project Islam in a good light, and Muslims as innocent or even victims. We are too familiar with the predictable pattern after terrorist attacks when the media highlights the risk of possible backlashes on Muslims; the risk that never happened.

Recently, a British daily (1) published a story about an isolated “Christian cult” in New Zealand where a small Christian community live away from city life. Their children wear special uniforms and play in the swimming pool without taking their clothes off. To live in a secluded area in isolation from the rest of the world is always wrong. There is no doubt that those Christians are completely mistaken; their isolation doesn’t do their community, or any community, any good. However, they are completely harmless to others and pose no threat to any one and certainly do not try to impose their eccentric way of life on others. What I found striking in the story is the ease by which the newspaper described the religion of these Christians as a “cult”. For years, I have been waiting for the western media to use this word to describe Islam, but it never happened and I wonder why.

The fact that we cannot publish any of our articles, or even a comment, in the MSM is an indication that freedom of expression in its proper sense has long disappeared in the West. For years, the Western MSM has been indulged in nurturing a culture of self-hate while covering up the threats posed by Islam to Western civilization. Sadly, the media is not pursuing this risky route alone but accompanied by politicians from most sides of the political spectrum.


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