Another story of educated radicalism

What does it take to convince a young and ambitious mind, privileged enough to have inherited the tools of success so scarcely available to everyone else, to throw away a promising future of prosperity and join the ranks of some sadistic, desert cult? Well, apparently its not a lack of education or books, but rather an excess of the educational freedom to be brainwashed by the worst kinds of books:

“According to the investigation, 19-year-old Hacettepe University student Süleyman Bengi İ. led his 16-year-old twin brothers, Dilar and Dilşat, in their venture to join ISIL. After crossing Turkey’s border with Syria, the three teenagers continued to Iraq to join the ranks of ISIL there, Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) revealed. …. Those who know him told Hürriyet he was a successful student who was radicalized after he started to visit Islamist bookstores. The change in his personality became more dramatic after he read a book titled “Promised Heaven,” which he also distributed to his friends.”


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